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Dell D830 – The Missing Touchpad Driver

Since moving forward to Windows 7 x64 on my Dell Latitude D830, I had to live with the default behavior of the Touchpad and Pointing Stick of the D830 as there are no 64-bit drivers for Windows 7.

Finally, I found the right drivers for my system. You can pick it up at the Dell drivers and download page for the Dell Latitude D430. The is no explicit Windows 7 driver, however, the 64-bit driver for Windows Vista worked fine for me.

Dell Touchpad on D830 with  Windows 7 x64

To make sure you oick up the right driver, the file name is R157047. The driver gives you full access to the Touchpad and Pointing Stick functionality, including the click feature of the stick.

R157047.exe - 64-bit Driver working on Windows 7

Download: Drivers & Downloads for Latitude D430

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  1. kchowler kchowler

    This did not fix my D830 touchpad issue. I had to enable the touchpad in the system setup (bios). It is under POST Behavior.

  2. Marc Marc

    Cool, even works with Windows 8.1 64-Bit. Had missed this driver since update to Win7/64, but just now found your page.
    Now finally I can scroll without additional mouse 🙂 – Thanks a lot

  3. Wolfgang Wolfgang

    works excellent with my Latitude D830 in combination with Win 7 Pro 64

  4. soeppli soeppli

    I missed this driver since I´m using Win7/64 Bit.
    Works fine, thank you for this info.

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